Yoldia Sea

mar de Yoldia

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  • Yoldia Sea — is a name given by geologists to a variable brackish water stage in the Baltic Sea basin that prevailed after the Baltic ice lake was drained to sea level during the Weichsel glaciation. Dates for the Yoldia sea are obtained mainly by radiocarbon …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Sea — For other uses, see Baltic (disambiguation). Baltic Sea Map of the Baltic Sea Location Europe Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Mastogloia Sea — The Mastogloia Sea is one of the prehistoric stages of the Baltic Sea in its development after the last ice age. This took place ca. 8000 years ago following the Ancylus Lake stage and preceding the Littorina Sea stage. Note: The dates used in… …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Sea — a sea in N Europe, bounded by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany. ab. 160,000 sq. mi. (414,000 sq. km). * * * Sea, northern Europe. An arm of the Atlantic Ocean, connecting with the North Sea, it is 1,056 mi …   Universalium

  • Archipelago Sea — (Finnish Saaristomeri , Swedish Skärgårdshavet ) is a part of the Baltic Sea between the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland and the Sea of Åland, within Finnish territorial waters. By some definitions it is the largest archipelago in the world… …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Sea — Ostsee mit Anrainerstaaten und Inseln Die Ostsee (auch Baltisches Meer genannt, von lat. Mare Balticum und suevisches Meer nach dem Stamm der Sueben im heutigen Mecklenburg) ist ein 413.000 km² großes und bis zu 459 m tiefes Binnenmeer in Europa… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Baltic Ice Lake — The Baltic ice lake is a name given by geologists to a freshwater lake that gradually formed in the Baltic Sea basin as glaciation retreated from that region at the end of the Pleistocene. The lake, dated to 12,600 10,300 BP, is roughly… …   Wikipedia

  • Great Belt — The Great Belt ( da. Storebælt) is a strait between the main Danish islands of Zealand ( Sjælland ) and Fyn. Since 1997 the islands have been connected by the Great Belt Bridge.GeographyThe Great Belt is the major of the three straits of Denmark… …   Wikipedia

  • Ancylus Lake — is a name given by geologists to the body of fresh water that replaced the Yoldia Sea after the latter had been severed from its saline intake across central Sweden (with the eastern end of the channel near present Stockholm) by the isostatic… …   Wikipedia

  • Scandinavian prehistory — The Scandinavian prehistory began when the area became free of ice around 11000 BC, with the Ahrensburg culture and hunters living in near proximity to the ice. It took until the 7th millennium BC for forest, wildlife and Mesolithic hunter… …   Wikipedia

  • Иольдиевое море — Иольдиевое море  слабосолёный морской водоём, образовавшийся во впадине Балтийского моря после освобождения её от льдов последнего оледенения. Явилось следующей фазой развития водоёма после соединения Балтийского ледникового озера с океаном …   Википедия

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